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    Kilnwood Vale Management Company Limited FAQ’s produced in advance of Annual General Meeting 26th June 2018

    Estate Management Strategy

    The estate management strategy is that the amenity areas, private access ways and private infrastructure assets such as the play area and pond will remain in private ownership of the Kilnwood Vale Management Company Ltd (KWVMCL) which will be responsible for the management of these areas and assets.  The future repair and maintenance will be funded by an estate service charge payable by the owners of all properties on the development.

    The KWVMCL will also be responsible for the future repair and maintenance of the communal areas of the various blocks of flats at the development.  This will be funded by block specific service charge payable by the owners of the flats in each block.

    The extent of the areas for which the KWVMCL retains responsibility are shown on the attached plan, being the areas shaded blue and grey.  The housing association Southern Housing has purchased the blocks of flats and areas shaded orange and is responsible for the maintenance and repair of these areas.

    Although the cost of the repair and maintenance of the blue and grey areas is borne by the property owners at KWVMCL, these areas are classified as “Public Open Space” and as such access to them cannot be restricted.

    These areas were handed over to the KWVMCL in August 2017.  Maintenance and repair is now funded through the estate service charge.

    Management & Direction of the KWVMCL

    The Memorandum and Articles of Association for the KWVMCL were amended last year to allow for property owner representation on the board of the KWVMCL.

    Property owners at each of the 6 development phases will elect 1 property owner director to the board.  This will be a separate role from that of the residents’ steering committee which is already established.  The election will take place following the occupation of the last property of each phase.  The election will take place at a specially convened meeting, in accordance with the procedures in the Memorandum & Articles of Association.

    Preim recently sought nominations from any homeowners in Phase 1 interested in getting involved as a Homeowner Director for phase 1 only, unfortunately without success.

    We will try again, but in the meantime, we will increase our efforts to expand the numbers of the existing steering group.

    Service Charges

    Estate Service Charge

    As set out in the transfer documents and leases, the estate service charge is the “fair proportion” of the annual estate service costs, being the costs incurred by the KWVMCL of providing the estate services such as amenity area maintenance.

    Crest Nicholson, in their role as Director of the KWVMCL have determined the “fair proportion” as:

    • Owners of all properties pay £244 per annum

    “Off plot” parking spaces, car ports and garages are allocated to the owners of particular properties to use.  However responsibility for their maintenance and repair remains with the KWVMCL.

    Therefore these property owners will pay an additional charge as follows:

    • Owners of properties with an allocated “Off plot” parking space pay an additional £5 per parking space per annum
    • Owners of properties with an allocated “Off plot” car port pay an additional £25 per annum
    • Owners of properties with an allocated “Off plot” garage pay an additional £40 per annum

    For properties within Phase 1 only the above change to the proposed estate service charge from the previous £120 pa to £244pa would be phased in over the next 4 years.  Therefore Phase 1 property owners will pay:

    • 2017 financial year £151 per annum
    • 2018 financial year £182 per annum
    • 2019 financial year £213 per annum
    • 2020 financial year £244 per annum

    Plus the additional charges referred to above.

    The estate service charge will be reviewed each year.  It will not necessarily increase, and is not subject to an automatic RPI increase.

    The estate charge is higher than under the previous managing agents as the amount being put into reserves has increased and the extent of the amenity areas remaining with the KWVMCL has increased.

    The additional charges for the carports and garages will be held in reserve funds for the future maintenance and repair of these assets (such as replacement of garage doors etc).  The additional charges for the car park spaces will be held as part of the general estate reserve fund.

    Service Charge Expenditure

    Homeowners are reminded that monthly financial reports are available through the management company website to demonstrate how the service charge is being expended. In addition, the annual service charge accounts will be prepared by Preim, independently audited, and presented to the property owners via the website.  

    Car Parking

    It is acknowledged that car parking can be an issue on the development particularly related to Nuisance Parking and Dangerous Parking.

    Whilst the roads are not adopted and still within Crest Nicholson / Other Developer ownership the roads are public highway and the Road Traffic Acts still apply. Where there are issues that are considered dangerous the Police and Local Authorities should be informed and can act.

    Parking enforcement via a 3rd party contractor was considered around:

    • On plot parking
    • Parking authorised vehicles in the owners allocated off plot parking
    • Fair allocation of visitors space usage between all owners throughout the year

    Whilst this a draconian solution, it has been proven to work on other developments. It would also deal with the issue of contractors’ vehicles parking around the estate.  Implementation of enforcement would need the support of a majority of property owners at the development, such support would need to be confirmed at a property owners meeting via a vote.

    However, before progressing to such a formally managed arrangement the following parking initiatives were to be implemented.

    • Encouraging residents to report inconsiderate / dangerous parking to the police / council
    • Installing yellow lines on the main routes through the development
    • Working with the steering committee to encourage a discussion around parking
    • Encouraging residents to talk to each other about the problem
    • Work with residents to place notices on cars
    • Write to residents re covenants/ rules about parking


    Speeding was considered by some property owners as a problem within the estate.  Again residents were encouraged to inform the police who do have enforcement powers on private roads.  The possibility of installing some temporary speed ramps was also discussed.

    Where commercial vehicles are being parked in Visitors spaces and on the road overnight.

    The transfer documents and leases contain covenants (promises by the property purchasers) as follows:

    ”Not to park any heavy goods vehicle on any part of the Property or the Development and not to park any light goods vehicle caravan boat trailer or similar type of vehicle on the Development or the Property except out of sight of the other properties on the Development”.


    Colgate Parish Council have installed two grit / salt bins in Phase 1 of the development, they will maintain and refill the bins moving forward, however these bins are to be used at the residents discretion and the residents would be liable for using the bins. Plans showing the bins location will be placed on the website.

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