Our aims

This website has been created to be as accessible as possible for a wide audience, regardless of ability. Our commitment to accessibility includes:
• Working to ensure this site complies with accessibility standards in content, design and coding. These standards include the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative and the Disability Discrimination Act.
• Working with real users with different needs to ensure that any problems are identified and solutions developed.
• Ensuring any rich media is also presented in an accessible way
• We aim to achieve and maintain levels of accessibility that conform to the Double-A standard, but in reality it is very hard for a large website with a number of authors to maintain complete compliance.
• Changing text size
• You can use your browser settings to change the text size for all the web sites that you visit. The technique for doing this is slightly different depending on the browser that you use:
• Internet Explorer 9: Click the Page button, click Text Size, and then click the size you want..
• Mozilla Firefox: Select the ‘View’ menu, then ‘Text Size’, then select Increase, Decrease or Normal.
• Opera: Select the ‘View’ menu, then one of the ‘Zoom’ percentage options.
• Netscape: Select the ‘View’ menu, then one of the ‘Text Zoom’ options.
• Other browsers may also have similar options available. Please consult the documentation provided with your browser if similar options to the ones above aren’t available

Contact Us

Please let us know if you would like any further support with accessing this website or if you have constructive feedback by Preim Ltd on 01778 382210.

As part of our initiative to comply with legislative changes we have revised our cookie policy to make sure we’re as clear and honest with you about your privacy when using our website.

What is a Cookie?

In internet browser terms cookies refer to small bits of information that are sent from a website to your browser and vice versa and which are stored on your computer. Websites have no memory and so cannot remember data or a user’s preferences on their own. Cookies allow browsers to store information from individual sites such as the display preferences you might have set. They are entirely specific to you and are used to keep a record of how you use a website and any preferences that you may have set. They use a special session ID to identify who you are, so that no personal information is ever exchanged.

Depending on the use, cookies can be stored on your computer for different lengths of time. Session cookies will remember you for the length of time you have a browser open and are looking at a site, but are deleted when you close the browser. Persistent cookies are not deleted when the browser is closed but will continue to remember you for a set amount of time.

Why are they used?

Cookies can be used for a variety of different reasons; to remember personal preferences on a website, to remember your name during a visit to a site, to store login status or to show you relevant information on your next visit. They are also used by companies to track your use of their website and see where you’ve clicked and how long you’ve been on a page, in order to improve the site performance and layout for future users.

Third party Cookies

Third party cookies differ from other cookies as they are set by a separate company to the website that is being visited. They allow these companies to see what you might have been looking at on a specific site, and use this information to show you relevant data on other sites that they are linked to. They are also used by social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to allow you ‘Like’ or tell your friends about the site.

How we use cookies

Cookies used on Tadpole Garden Village site never store any personal information and they cannot infect or install anything on your computer.