Crest Nicholson South – Meeting Notes – 27.04.2023

KWV Development Update CNSo

  • Bus Gate – Works have started and current estimated timescales aiming for a July finish. However, this is weather dependent as any extended periods of wet weather may impact the works. Works still progressing along the correct schedule.
  • CNSo have now completed their tender for the large site wide works which will include road surfacing in areas, bus stops installed and any other outstanding works across KWV. Anticipated that the works will start in Mid-May/early June. JG will update SN &LTS in a pre-works meeting on 11th May 2023.

  • Bus stops have a 20-week lead time to be installed, the works to the roads and bus gates will be finished first and the bus stops will be installed after this. CNSo will have their ground workers issue notices ahead of any works to the relevant parts of the development.

  • CNSo will be monitoring all of the works being undertaken and ensuring notices are issued ahead of the surfacing works. More information will be provided as the works start.

  • Yellow lining along Rookfield will be picked up now in the above referenced works. Preim had installed bollards but residents continued to move these so CNSo will be arranging for additional fencing and for the roads to be marked by their ground workers.

  • Link Road – The link road being referred to is the central section of road currently being used by Linden Homes. LTS asked when this will be finished. CNSo are working towards opening these roads, however the works will be completed whilst the area is currently fenced off and then it will be fully opened, timescale currently not yet available.

  • Taylor Wimpey Condition Works on Ph 2B – Planting completed on this area, CNSo will be surfacing this as part of the wider summer works, dates for roads will be provided closer to the individual start dates.

  • Illett Way Parking Bay areas – Vistry Phase – Planting completed by Vistry, CNSo confirmed that they Crest will be installing concrete barriers to prevent parking on the block paving area. This will be included in the larger summer works across site

  • Ph 3 Basin – Works are starting in the summer to finish the basin, following the installation of a permanent outfall the water levels dropped and civil works will be undertaken once the ground is dry to rectify this.

  • CNSo are tendering the soft landscaping works to complete the basin area during the Autumn/Winter

  • Stop Sign on Rookfield Rd – JG has raised this with the new site manager and requested this be moved alongside the existing sales sign as that is now outdated. JG to chase site and get this removed.

  • Preim have snagged Ph 3C, meeting with Crest to agree May walkaround to close out final phases, discussed on a call and agreed site will schedule works following meeting.

  • CNSo are arranging a streetlight survey for all of the CNSo lights – date tbc & TW have been chased to confirm when they will finish their streetlighting works. Awaiting update from site

  • Flooding along Clay Vale block paving to be resolved as per the larger works, will include the blocks being cleaned to allow the water to drain away.

  • LTS asked about the planning changes detailed in the latest CNSo report as the completion dates had been pushed back. JG will speak to planning to find out why the schedules have been adjusted.

  • Report of a collapsed manhole cover, previously reported to CNSo, SN will raise with Martin from CNSo to get repaired asap 



Simon New – Preim Ltd

Joseph Grocott – Crest Nicholson South (CNSo)

Luke Taylor-Sales – KWVMCL Resident Committee