Coronavirus: Parks and areas of green space – Update

Our ability to use green spaces is vitally important for our wellbeing at this difficult time. However, social distancing, as set out by the Government, is absolutely crucial.

Following updated guidance from the government on May 10th, 2020, we are continuing to review the measures we have put in place to prioritise the health and safety of residents using communal green spaces. As a result, all playgrounds, communal play and exercise areas that are located within areas of green space will remain closed.

This means that all play equipment surrounded by fencing with a gate will be padlocked and signed closed.

For the benefit of your neighbours and your community, please do take notice and respect where areas are closed for public use.

Using green and communal spaces within your community

It remains essential that areas of green space continue to be safe for people to use at this time. These spaces will be vital to many of you when undertaking exercise, such as walking (including walking a pet), running, or cycling. Open green spaces will remain available for use, but we do ask that you obey social distancing rules, remaining two metres away from individuals who are outside of your household.



Undertaking essential maintenance work

Following advice and guidance from our industry associations, together with direction from the management company directors, we will continue to work with our contractor partners to deliver the normal range of services on your estate. Mandatory tasks such as fire system testing in block of apartments must continue.

You will appreciate that some disruption in services may be encountered if a contractor is unable to attend site or undertake works due to Coronavirus. Our contractor partners who undertake these activities may work in pairs, in which case they will have appropriate masks and Personal Protective Equipment and will maintain social distancing at all times.

As always, if you notice any issues with the open or communal spaces, please flag this with us via the normal means: emailing; calling 01778 382 210, or by logging it as a fault in your community app (if available).

As the situation continues to evolve, please also be advised that we are looking to provide an online option for resident’s meetings for the foreseeable future. Please bear with us as we explore the options available to us – we will update you via the Preim website.

All service charges and terms of payment remain unchanged at this moment in time, as emergency work will need to continue with health and safety measures in place. We will of course keep the situation, in its entirety, under constant review.

Your community at this difficult time

On a final note, our communities are more important than ever right now. If you would like to learn more about offering volunteer support to those vulnerable or self-isolating in your community, please check your community website for more information about any initiatives you could support. Equally, please keep in mind that the green spaces are for the whole community to safely enjoy, whilst observing social distancing and the Government restrictions. If you have any questions around the use of green spaces, please refer to the Government guidelines and do not hesitate to contact Preim.

Payment of Service Charges & Ground Rents

If you have any concerns about your ability to pay the service charge in the short term, please contact the Preim Ltd helpdesk:

• call 01778 382210 Option 2. Lines open 24/7
• email

Our staff will be available to discuss any concerns that you may have.

The service charge budgets for the next financial year were approved by the management company directors during the winter.

The annual service charge invoices have just been sent out, unfortunately coinciding with the dramatically revised guidance from the Government about Coronavirus.

Whilst It is important that residents do pay their service charge so that your management company continues to have the cash available to pay its suppliers, we do understand that in these uncertain times many people are having urgently to review their own personal finances.

We continue to monitor our terms of payments and the service charges, in line with the latest government advice for businesses.