Development update from Preim

Dear Residents,
Please find below an update on a number of estate issues that Preim are aware of and are currently either resolving or will be undertaking works on in the near future.

Tree Survey & Tree Works

In July 2018 I met with an professional arboriculturalist who undertook a Tree Survey on Phase 1 for the Kilnwood Vale Management Company. At the same time they also surveyed Phase 1D and the trees situated on the Holmbush Estate land running near the rear of Calvert Link and the woodland fringes. Following receipt of the survey Preim then sought 3 quotations for the works, and we have selected a local contractor based in Horsham who came in at the most competitive price to undertake the works. These works will be scheduled in for either this month or early December, and Preim notify residents prior to the works being undertaken.

Fencing at Phase 1 Entrance

Following the high winds in previous weeks large sections of fencing have collapsed around the wild meadow area near the front of the development. I inspected the fencing on a site visit this week with a contractor and the main issue identified is that a number of the fence posts are rotten and have snapped off at the base of the post. This has now been referred back to Crest Nicholson Strategic Projects to establish if any guarantees are in place. Once responsibility has been established Preim will look to get the repairs undertaken as soon as possible.

Block Paving

Residents have reported issues with block paving on the common parts just off Calvert Link earlier in the year. Initially Preim referred the works back to Crest Nicholson South in order to establish if a guarantee is in place. In order to expedite matters Preim have arranged for a  several contractors to attend site and provide quotations to complete the works. Preim are currently awaiting for approval from Crest Nicholson South for these works to proceed.

Re-planting around Phase 1

Please see the link to the pdf plan for Phase 1 of the KWV Development. Preim are currently arranging these replanting works which are scheduled to take place this year. The areas marked on the plan will be either be having new plants installed, having fresh top soil and bark mulch or having dead plants replaced. This will improve the appearance of certain shrub beds around the development, maintaining the high quality of the grounds at Kilnwood Vale.

Handover Phase 1D and Phase 2.1A

Preim, on behalf of the Kilnwood Vale Management Company, took handover for Phase 1D and Phase 2.1A in mid-October 2018. Plan for each of these areas can be found on the Preim website. These phases will now receive all of the budgeted maintenance services via the Management Company, including grounds maintenance. In the autumn and winter months the grounds maintenance will mainly consist of leaf and debris clearance, shrub maintenance and hedge maintenance. There are several outstanding defects which Preim identified on the external common parts in Phase 1D. Preim will be liaising with the developer to ensure these defects are rectified. An information letter will be issued to residents within the new phases.

Planters in the Neighbourhood Play Park

Crest Nicholson Strategic Projects have confirmed that new planters are being delivered to the play area within phase 1, and these will cover the square beds contained within the hard surfacing that were previously filled with gravel.

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact Preim at any time.