KWV Development Update – 20.01.2023

Crest South – Meeting Notes – 20.01.2023

Present at the Meeting

Simon New – Preim Ltd

Joseph Grocott – Crest Nicholson South (CNSo)

Luke Taylor-Sales – KWVMCL Resident Committee

KWV Development Update CNSo

  • Bus Gate – CNSo conf. that the 278 Agreement has now been signed and that the anticipated works start date is 13th Feb and should be completed by mid-Summer. Contractor will start notifying residents in the vicinity of the works of start dates and timings. 
  • Bus Route – Works are being reviewed by the commercial team but CNSo want to aim that all bus routes are open in line with the bus gate being completed. 
  • LTS asked whether there had been progress in completing the bus stops and necessary installation – JG is still reviewing but again aim is for works to tie in. 
  • Link Road – The link road being referred to is the central section of road currently being used by Linden Homes. LTS asked when this will be finished. CNSo are working towards opening these roads, however the works will be completed whilst the area is currently fenced off and then it will be fully opened, timescale currently not yet available. 
  • Taylor Wimpey Condition Works on Ph 2B – To finish the surfacing and landscaping around the TW Ph 2B on Clay Vale, TW are required to repair damages caused by their works. This item has been on-going for too long, CNSo now looking at providing notices for TW to complete the works or provide firm timescales or CNSo will take this further. CNSo will update once way forward is agreed. 
  • Illett Way Parking Bay areas – Vistry Phase – Vistry are finishing their areas of the footpath and landscaping sections. Prem to meet with Vistry in early Feb for agreed timescales.
  • Illett Way Surfacing – CNSo currently going through the procurement process to have these sections of highway completed to not impact the bus route. Timescales and progress to be provided once available. 
  • Flooding – Questions asked regarding flooding issues – Pondtail Walk/Woodland Walk – JG confirmed he will speak with the technical team and site team to get a full understanding of why this issue has reoccurred. 
  • Flooding – Basins Ph 1C – JG & SN confirmed that this basin started to flood due to a blockage in one of the outlets. This was cleared on the Monday after the issue was reported over the weekend and the water levels returned to normal. 
  • CNSo also now pay a contractor to review all water basins, inlets and outlets twice a day to ensure that there are not any water issues. The basin issue was not related to anything occurring on the Woodland Walk/Pondtail walk. 
  • Ph 3 Basin – There was/is a pump in situ as the groundworkers are currently installing a permanent outfall. The pump is required currently to keep the water levels of the basin correct; it will be removed once the outfall has been completed. 
  • Ph 3 Basin – CNSo are instructing the management company contractors, Whiting’s, to complete the landscaping sections of the bottom basin and bottom section of the knoll. CNSo are arranging for the footpaths to be repaired and installed and Whiting’s will do any landscaped sections. These will be completed by the end of March 2023. 
  • Central Greenway – CNSo received the reports from the committee and residents that parts of the Greenway had not been finished. CNSo met with Preim and the developer contractors, Coblands, to agree that the grass areas still need to be seeded and worked on and CNSo will raise the signage issues with Taylor Wimpey as they would not have had permission to install the signage where it had originally been placed. Maintenance from Preim will not start on the central greenway until later in 2023. 
  • Lots Drive Junctions – LTS raised that the lining for these junctions had not been completed, JG conf. works are sat with TW and he will check their agreed plans to see if lining was due. 
  • Stop Sign on Rookfield Rd – JG to follow up with site to have these removed. 
  • CNSo – Phases Finished – The question was asked will CNSo be leaving site once the current phases are complete. JG conf that whilst the parcel works may finish there will be main infrastructure works on-going and there will be a CNSo presence on site. JG will check the current build schedule to confirm what works the site team will still be completing 
  • CNSo also confirmed they are discussing some aspects of the repairs and maintenance with Preim to ensure someone is   monitoring the developer work should their presence decrease. This will be issued as an update accordingly.