Notification of sewerage works

We have been notified by Crest Nicholson of an issue that has arisen with the foul sewage outfall for the site. It has been identified that there is a blockage in the outfall pipe from the development. Crest have been working hard to identify and resolve the blockage but it has not yet been fully resolved. In the meantime Crest have arranged full time tankers to transfer foul sewage from one side of the site to the other to an alternative outfall point. Unfortunately it is necessary for the tankers to operate throughout the night to avoid the sewer system backing up.

The tankering contractor has been instructed to keep noise and disruption to a minimum, driving slowly and as quietly as possible over speed humps and to only use their flashing beacons where necessary.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this period and hope to report back with positive news of a solution shortly.