Streetlighting update from Preim

Dear Residents,
As you may be aware there are some problems with the streetlighting around the Kilnwood Vale development. Some of these issues have occurred recently, whilst others have been persisting for a longer period of time.

Due to the amount of issues reported around the entire development, Crest Nicholson Strategic Projects (CSP) arranged for engineers to attend site last week to undertake a review of the functionality of all of the streetlighting. Subsequently, the following issues were identified:

  • The main spine road that passes through Phase 2.1 (Illet Way) has a missing section of cable and this has caused the connection issues. Repair works are now being scheduled in and should be completed within 2 -3 weeks. This job is with CSP, as the spine roads fall under their responsibility until they are adopted by the local highways authority.
  • A number of street lighting columns in and around ‘The Green’ car park area have not been working. This is due to a connection fault. CSP have now been passed this to the developer of this phase, Crest Nicholson South, to repair and ensure the lights are functional.
  • Preim have received numerous reports that there are issues with certain streetlights within Phase 1, especially around Brickyard Way and Kilnwood Close. These lights have now been identified as not having a connection and therefore have not worked since being installed. These lights are again the responsibility of Crest Nicholson South and they are in the process of undertaking remedial works to get these lights to function.  

The majority of streetlights within Phase 1 will  have a sticker on the column indicating that they are the responsibility of West Sussex County Council (WSCC). Faults on these lights can be reported directly to WSCC. Any streetlights that do not have stickers will then either be private streetlights managed by Preim on behalf of Kilnwood Vale Management Company Limited, or streetlights that have not yet been adopted by WSCC and are therefore still the responsibility of the developer. If residents are unsure who to contact in respect of a faulty streetlight, it can be reported to Preim via the Preim Helpdesk Preim can then confirm who should be repairing and maintaining the lights.

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