Anti-Social Behaviour

Preim have recently received reports of vandalism and anti-social behaviour occurring on the Kilnwood Vale Development, primarily around the main play area off Illet Way and also down near the woodland area near Mole Crescent/Bricklayer Lane. Currently it would appear to be a combination of youths that reside on the development and others that are visiting it who have been causing the damage and disturbances.
Preim have reported this to the local police/PCSO and have requested that there are more frequent site visits and that the development is monitored for further reports of anti-social behaviour. Should residents experience any future issues or concerns in relation to vandalism or Anti-social behaviour then please ensure that the matter is logged with the police and the local council. Both the council and the police have the statutory authority to deal with these matters, Preim can be notified should there be any issues or damage to communal assets.