Ash Die Back – tree clearance commencing 11.02.19

Dear Residents,

Crest Nicholson Strategic will be undertaking works to the trees around the Phase 1D woodland area, please see the below update from their technical team regarding the works.

Dear Resident,

As the result of a recent site visit to Pondtail Shaw Woodland, Crest Nicholson have been advised by Horsham District Council’s Arboriculture Officer that the woodland Ash trees have been affected by Ash Dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus).

 ‘Ash Dieback’ is effectively a chronic fungal disease, whereby infected trees suffer leaf loss, crown dieback and eventual death. Ash Dieback is not treatable. The only solution to make the area safe is to remove the infected trees. The attached diagram indicates the extent and locations of the problem throughout the woodland.

We have consulted with our project Ecologist, Landscape Architect, Horsham District Council’s Arboriculture Officer and specialist contractors to ensure the works are completed in the most appropriate manner and to ensure the protection of other species and surrounding habitat. To mitigate the removal of the Ash, replacement planting with native species including Oak and Beech will be implemented as part of the wider improvement works which include implementation of new pathways within the woodland.

Unfortunately, due to the imminent bird nesting season the bulk of the works cannot take place until later in the year. However, we have appointed a Contractor to remove the infected trees along the boundary of Area D where there is a risk to properties and gardens. These works will commence on 11th February 2019 and will be completed within 3 weeks.

 Until ALL of the infected trees are removed there remains a safety risk to any persons using the woodland and as such, we take this opportunity to advise that the woodland MUST NOT BE USED by anyone other than Crest Nicholson’s appointed contractors. As part of the forthcoming works, notices will be erected around the woodland boundary to reinforce this. We will notify you again once it is safe to use the woodland.

Whilst the need to undertake tree clearance and close the woodland has arisen due to circumstances outside of our control, we apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Please see a full plan of the proposed Ash clearance here